• FAQ's

  • Are you local? What is this "405" area code?
    Yes! I've lived in New Jersey my entire life and have family in Northern and Central NJ. We service the entire state. The "405" area code phone number is for our Google Voice system which allows us to track calls and easily access the information we discuss in our phone calls. This allows us to run a better business and provide great service to our clients.

    What do you do?
    Simply put, we are a New Jersey based Pest Control company specializing in bed bug eradication and using state of the art heating equipment. We also offer general pest control, chemical, and organic options to clients. We have wonderful success rates. Our preparation requirements are minimal, easy, and you'll be able to salvage your beds, furniture, and personal belongings!

    How much does it cost?
    Currently, we are 50%-65% less than our competitors. Every situation is unique, but we can give you a general idea. We charge approximately $1.00 - $1.50 per sq ft and you're guaranteed the best price. We will beat any competitor heat treatment quote! The condition of your property and your ability to follow our Preparation Checklist may affect the total price as well. As long as your property is in an "average" or better condition, there shouldn't be a problem. It only becomes problematic when there's broken windows, collapsed roofs/walls, piles of clutter, holes in flooring, etc. We can still treat these properties... but it will cost more.  We look forward to working with you!

    How does this work?
    We schedule a date that works best for you and provide you with an easy to follow preparation checklist. We arrive in the early morning, do a walk through, sign some paper work, setup our equipment, and begin the procedure. We achieve temperatures greater than 130º through out the property, maintain them, and monitor them using sensors. The house cannot be occupied during a treatment. We go back inside every so often to make adjustments as needed and immediately exit. After several hours of this, we do a final inspection, pack up, and that's it!

    Do you perform inspections? 
    Yes. If you are unsure if you have Bed Bugs, we can come to your property and check things out. If you decide to have a treatment done, this cost will be deducted from the treatment price. We also perform a FREE inspection after every heat treatment procedure. We also offer K9 detection.

    Do you have/use a Bed Bug Dog?  
    Yes. We offer K9 inspection services, if that's something you wish to have performed. They're great for large homes and commercial facilities.

    I run a business during the day. Can you do this at night?
    Yes we can. Give us a call.

    How long does this take?
    It depends on the size of the property being treated, and how bad the infestation is, but usually about 6-10 hours.

    Do you only operate in NJ ?
    We are based in NJ... but we can service parts of NY and PA... get in touch with us and we can figure it out!

    Can I just buy product "XYZ" and do this myself?
    You certainly can try. I'm a big supporter of the DIY spirit but most of the products on the market don't actually work or aren't used correctly. I'm sure it's possible to achieve success, but be prepared to spend large amounts of time, money, and patience. The number of injuries (even deaths) resulting from DIY situations like this have also skyrocketed in recent years. If you are going to try on your own, please be safe.

    What methods of treatment do you use?
    Our specialty is Heat and unlike other companies, our system heats the entire structure, not just the contacted areas. We have a mobile generator which runs a powerful liquid heating system. This heated liquid is pumped via self sealing hoses to fan coils which are placed inside your property. The heat is then rejected into the treatment environment and the liquid is pumped back to the system for reheating. This method is extremely efficient, safe, and effective.

    We also perform traditional chemical applications and offer organic "green" options as well.

    Can I just turn up the heat in my house to kill them?
    Nope. Your heating system is not capable of reaching temperatures high enough to kill insects. 

    What if my property has no electricity?
    No problem! Our heating system runs from our own electrical generator.

    Will my neighbors/customers know?
    Not unless you tell them! Our vehicles are unmarked. We don't wear logos on our clothing. If anyone asks us... We're a heating company providing routine maintenance. Our equipment is also very quiet when compared to other commercial generators.

    Is this treatment safe?
    Yes! Our heating method is the safest on the market and the temperatures we use are digitally controlled! No chance of fire from electrical heating elements, No high voltage, and No combustible gases! Our mobile heating plant remains outside the property and is fully contained in a thick steel housing!

    Can I use your services for other things not bug related?
    Of course! We have helped people dry out flooded basements with emergency response - Artists dry out large scale clay/paper machete/painting projects - Tile Contractors needing tile work dried out for next day service - Structural Drying applications - Cement Masons - Spackle/Drywall Carpenters... There are many applications for our mobile heating equipment. Give us a call!