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    We are an indoor pest control company capable of handling any pest problem, guaranteed! Using safe, state-of-the-art equipment we serve all of NJ and parts of NY and PA. We offer heat treatment, general pest control, chemical, and organic options with the highest success rates around. Our preparation requirements are minimal, easy, and you'll be able to salvage your beds, furniture, and personal belongings!

    Our specialty is using a "High Temperature High Output" heating system to heat the entire area/property to temperatues that are fatal to bugs. Unlike chemicals, there is no way for bugs to become resistant to this method. In addition, the process takes only HALF as long as normal heating methods. Compared to traditional methods, this process does not use any harmful chemicals which means safety for your family and pets. Our heating method is the safest on the market and the temperatures we use are digitally controlled! There is no chance of fire from electrical heating elements, no high voltage, and no combustible gases! Our mobile heating plant remains outside the property and is fully contained in a thick steel housing!

    Upfront and straight to the point, we will never waste your time or money. Prices are offered with complete transparency, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will beat ANY competitors heat treatment price. We even provide preparation checklists to help you get your property ready for treatment. 

    Call today for an inspection and to learn more about how we can help eliminate your pest problem!

    If you know you have bed bugs, call us now for a FREE estimate. Guaranteed best prices in NJ!