• Bed Bug Inspection

  • Professional Bed Bug Inspector - Since we are specialized in bed bugs, we regularly perform bed bug inspections and know exactly how and where to look for evidence of bed bugs. The owner of the company, Jay, usually handles all of the inspections personally. You can rest assured knowing that you're receiving the proper level of attention. Other companies may only perform inspections a few times a year and may not be knowledgeable enough to properly diagnose your problem.

    K9 Inspection Team - We no longer perform K9 inspections and only recommend the use of a K9 inspection for large scale or commercial operations. Example: Movie Theatre, 10+ apartment units, Gymnasiums, etc. K9 inspections are expensive, notorious for providing false positive alerts, and are not better than a properly performed human inspection by a trained professional. The K9 must constantly be trained, tested, and maintained to continue its accuracy level, which many companies just do not uphold.